As memories of seaside summer vacations get washed away, let the taste bring them back! Click here for seafood

Gavage - either you are for it or against it. Do waterfowl have the in-bred ability to store significant fat preparing for migration and does the process of feeding the bird ("gavage") stress it unethically? Those who handle the ducks at Hudson Valley insist the ducks do not flee at feeding because gavage neither harms nor distresses them. I do not know what the ducks are thinking, but I do know that nothing is so good as the buttery texture and taste of tender fresh seared foie gras.

Here is a good explanation of how to sear foie gras. Many believe Foie gras seared is the simplest protein to prepare.

Because the French seem to have brought foie gras to the table, I think using French recipes warrants a look.

Or just peruse the over 300 recipes Yummly has accumulated.

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