Gourmet Mole from Oaxaca
Gourmet Mole from Oaxaca
Gourmet Mole from Oaxaca
Gourmet Mole from Oaxaca
Gourmet Mole from Oaxaca
Gourmet Mole from Oaxaca

Gourmet Mole from Oaxaca

Seasons of My Heart

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Four Oaxacan Mole Paste Sampler


The most revered sauce in Oaxaca and is used for special occasions. This sauce is traditionally served with turkey, chicken or duck. Instead of having to spend days in your kitchen, you can reconstitute Seasons of My Heart Black Mole Paste and make this ceremonial dish in less than an hour. Serve a generous portion of chicken, turkey, pork or a combination of the three with plenty of this sauce.


Mole Coloradito is a sweeter, more popular sauce served with chicken, pork, rabbit or dried shrimp and used for enchilada sauce. 


The sauce is based on the pre-hispanic sauce mülli. It as less ingredients but more chile flavor. Traditionally served with pork, chicken, beef, or venison it is also used to make Pozole Mixteco or as a base for beef marinades. It is reconstituted with ripe tomatoes to make a fine sauce to use for tamales. 


Use this chile pasilla Oaxaqueño paste to spread on hot tostadas, or grind with roasted tomatillos and garlic to make a table sauce. You can also use this paste to season beans or other stews. A delicious recipe can be made by grinding garlic, salt, chintestle paste, honey, orange juice and a little olive oil in a molcajete or in a blender to make a runny paste. Rub it all over a chicken and roast in the oven. Add a little to mayonnaise or béchamel sauce.  Create spicy salsas in minutes by adding it to roasted tomatillos or tomatoes. 


About the Chef:

Susana Trilling is a chef, teacher, caterer, author, TV hostess, food consultant and directora of Seasons of My Heart Cooking School and Sazon de Mi Corazon S.A. de C.V., producing gourmet Mexican products. She owned 2 NYC restaurants, a restaurant in Fremantle, Western Australia and has lived in Oaxaca since 1988, where her two sons were born and raised on her ranch outside of the city.

"Although I have explored many different types of cooking in my thirty years of being a chef, the Cocina Mexicana is most certainly the closest to my heart."


 A renowned authority on Oaxacan cuisine, Susana has filmed and hosted numerous TV programs in addition to her own series including: Two Hot Tamales, Mexico – One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless A Cooks Tour with Chef Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern ‘s Bizarre Foods, The Diary of a Foodie, and Jeff Corwin’s series Extreme Cuisine.

"Oaxacans are proud of their food, and rightly so, for its flavor can be subtle or very intense, but always pure Oaxaqueño. Worldwide fascination with the culinary delights of Mexican cuisine has continued to grow, and as a result Oaxaca has earned recognition as a very special place with a unique cooking style. This is why I love to be here, teaching and cooking real Mexican food."

Susana Trilling, Chef/Owner at Seasons of My Heart