Salsify -  Roots used for Centuries

Salsify - Roots used for Centuries

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Diversity in the foods we eat, like diversity in general, adds a richness that enhances our lives, defines our cultures and challenges our assumptions.

Start exploring. Salsify is one place to begin your journey. I had bacon wrapped salsify as part of an elk tenderloin meal. I think I speak for all that ate it - WOW.

Salsify is a member of the sunflower family whose root is known as, when cooked, "vegetable oyster" for its flavor. Use of salsify is said to have originated in the Mediterranean and is common in Central and Southern Europe. The root is similar in appearance to a thin, long parsnip. The unique and interesting flavor is a great addition to soups and stews, a stand alone pureed or creamed or wrapped in bacon, or several other imaginative ways. Be careful as you peel the root as it has a sticky outer residue that can be a nuisance to remove.

Please see our recipes blog on salsify for tips and recipes.


Daniel Asher, head chef at Root Down & Linger

Chef Daniel AsherRoot Down and Linger