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Elk and Red Deer
Elk and Red Deer Elk and Red Deer Elk and Red Deer Elk and Red Deer Elk and Red Deer Elk and Red Deer Elk and Red Deer Elk and Red Deer Elk and Red Deer Elk and Red Deer Elk and Red Deer

 As a truly mouthwatering, savory and tender meat, Elk was once the popular exotic meat at high end restaurants. It is becoming more popular with home cooks as the price decreases. Although termed venison, elk meat is known for tastiness, and when properly processed has none of the gamey taste associated with some wild shot meats. Elk sold commercially are always farm raised. As farmed elk meat animals, Elk are usually given an abundant grass and alfalfa diet with an occasional grain supplement.  The extra supplement can be corn, oats or barley and perhaps even potatoes.   ELK are never given any steroids, growth promoting chemicals or general antibiotics.   Elk Meat is All NATURAL and delicious!

 Elk Nutrition

Nutritionally, elk are superior to most other meat producing animals.   As a lean, all-natural red meat, lower in fat and lower in cholesterol elk meat is the Cadillac of red meats.  Here are the statistics derived from 3 ounces of roasted meat by the US Department of Agriculture (an elk rump roast):

Animal Total Saturated         mg of
  Fat(g)      Fat(g)    Calories  Cholesterol
Elk (rump)  1.6  0.6    124    62
Chicken (breast)  2.9   n.a. 141 72
Lamb (lean choice loin) 6.4  n.a. 167 80
Beef (lean choice rump) 7.9 n.a. 114 70
Pork (lean butt) 12.2  n.a.  244 90


Cooking Elk

As to cooking Elk:  Rare is key to elk meat taste and tenderness.   The rarer you can take it the better.   Watch out though, since elk meat is very low in fat, it will dry out quickly upon extended cooking.   Various marinades are great if you need to cook to medium or beyond.  Put some extra juice in, so you have some extra juices to cook back out.   A rare elk steak with a pinch of salt is about the best you can get!  Try some ... you will like it.  Rare Elk steak and a red wine - life at the manor house!

Rich Forrest - Owner of Grande Premium Meats


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