Gourmet Wild Foraged Dried Mushrooms
Gourmet Wild Foraged Dried Mushrooms
Gourmet Wild Foraged Dried Mushrooms
Gourmet Wild Foraged Dried Mushrooms

Gourmet Wild Foraged Dried Mushrooms

Earthy Delights

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What's the big deal about dried mushrooms? 

If you've never used dried mushrooms, you probably don't know just how good and how versatile they can be. Dried mushrooms are often listed as an essential pantry item by many accomplished cooks - especially if you cook Asian or European cuisines.

Dried mushrooms can be pricey, but they pack a lot of flavor. Once the mushrooms are soaked, strained, and chopped, even just a small amount will add enormous flavor to a dish. 


Melange de la Foret: a special blend of dried mushrooms, produced by Earthy Delights, including morels, porcini, chanterelles, oyster, shiitake, and lobster mushrooms. Made only from #1 mushrooms - no pieces! The Dried Mushroom Melange is perfect to make a wonderful, hearty Wild Mushroom Soup, or in savory sauces for meat and poultry. Excellent in risottos, omelettes and quiche.

Dried Morel Mushrooms: Dried Morel Mushrooms are prized like no other mushroom. Rich, smoky, earthy and fragrant; dried morels are fabulous in sauces with meat, poultry or pasta. Also excellent in risottos, omelettes, quiche, stews and stir frys. And you cannot make pheasant under glass without them! While fresh morel mushrooms have no equal, they're available for all too short a time. Dried morels, on the other hand, are always in season! And, while they may seem expensive, they're actually quite a bargain. Like other dried mushrooms, dried morel mushrooms re-hydrate to 6 or 8 times their dry weight. What's more, they don't require refrigeration. 

Dried Mushroom Sampler: Morels, Chanterelles, Porcini, Black Trumpets, Shiitake, Oyster - they all sound so interesting. How do you know which ones you'll like the best? Wouldn't it be great to be able to try just a little and see which are your favorites? 

Here's your chance to try 6 of the most popular mushrooms -  in an attractively packaged sampler (basket not included). Get one for yourself, and send one to that mushroom lover in your life. 

The Mushroom Sampler includes 1/2 ounce of dried morels and one ounce each of all the other varieties of mushrooms, plus recipes and instructions for reconstituting and use.


Daniel Asher, head chef at River and Wood

Chef Daniel Asher