Lettuces and Greens
Lettuces and Greens Lettuces and Greens Lettuces and Greens Lettuces and Greens Lettuces and Greens Lettuces and Greens Lettuces and Greens Lettuces and Greens Lettuces and Greens Lettuces and Greens
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 Many grocers have great supplies of Lettuces and Greens. Probably they have not been culled through to the highest quality asour sources do for us, but we include here the varieties that we think you will have a hard time finding at local grocers.

Wild Spring Mix.  A fresh spring mix of greens including wild mustard, wild wood sorrel, miner's lettuce and wild onion flowers.In Season

Salanova. A dynamic mix of vibrant, crunchy, sweet mature whole head lettuces, Salanova is a naturally occurring product. NOT GMO. The fact that the heads are mature and not baby increases it's nutritional content and extends it's shelf life, but wait, there's more: it's organic! Beautiful striking colors, contrasting textures and delicious Salanova is exactly what chefs need to bring salads back into the limelight. Not Currently Available

Frisee. Also known as curly endive or chicoryA tightly compacted head of outer green leaves surrounds the tender, butter colored inner leaves.  Approximately 2-4 heads per pound. Delicate and subtly bitter (as most chicories are), flavors make this an excellent salad additive. Combine with hot bacon, poached eggs and croutons, for a sensational salad. Not Currently available

Red Vein Sorrel. These small leaves pack a wonderfully tart lemony zing while looking striking! Deep green leaves with vivid red veins running throughout make for an impact be it in a salad or garnishing a cocktail. 

Mizuna. Mizuna boasts a bold appearance, having jagged edged leaves and a cool green color. This Japanese mustard green is tender in texture, but has a nice, spicy flavor that does not overwhelm. A terrific addition to salads, it also works very well in braised salads, or with warm or hot salad dressings. 

Baby Iceberg. Baby Iceberg is soft-ball sized.  These mini iceberg heads are crisp and flavorful.  These are perfect for lettuce wraps.  They also make a nice presentation as an edible salad bowl. Not Currently Available

Kale, Baby Red Russian. Robust and hearty, Baby Red Russian Kale has gorgeous reddish purple veining through the body of the leaves and on the stems. Pairs well with grilled meats. Not Currently Available

Artisan Lettuce Mix. A beautiful and tasty combination of petite Tango, petite Gem and petite Oak lettuces. Perfect for every kitchen! Not Currently Available

Wild WaterCress. Generally shipped in a rosette of dark green, glossy, rounded leaves, it is similar to watercress but more distinctive in appearance. Clean and spicy in flavor, its stalks are long, slender, tender and juicy. Makes a wonderful last minute addition to stir-fry, garnish a hot or cold Asian soup or salad, or enhance virtually any braised salad with Upland Cress. This is a living product with growth puds.Not Currently in Season

Wild Arugula. With a more intense, peppery flavor and aroma than its cultivated relative, wild arugula has as many health benefits as it does culinary uses. Utilize it as an herb or salad green raw for most flavor yield, or cook or wilt to add a mellower flavor to soups, stews and sauces. Not Currently in Season



Linda Hampsten - Premier Chef and Caterer