Pepper Jellies from Oaxaca
Pepper Jellies from Oaxaca
Pepper Jellies from Oaxaca
Pepper Jellies from Oaxaca
Pepper Jellies from Oaxaca

Pepper Jellies from Oaxaca

Seasons of My Heart

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Three Oaxacan Pepper Jelly Sampler

Jalapeño & Canario Jelly is a mixture of fresh ranch raised chile jalapenos and bell peppers grown in the Oaxacan sunshine. They are simmered in vinegar and sugar to make a rich, hot and sweet combination. This can be layered on bread, crackers or celery that is spread with farmers or goats cheese, or used in dressings, or marinades. Comes in red, green and yellow varieties..


Our original flavor. delicious used in salad dressing, baked goods or on goat or flavored cream cheese. Also great on fresh bread or bolillos. 


For this combination, the farmers of the famed chile de agua chilies and jalapeños let their chilies ripen for on the plants for a full rich taste. Because they are a heritage plant, the seeds are saved by the farmers themselves. This is a favorite to be served with cream cheese and fried plantains, Chinese stir fry, or marinades. It’s also interesting to use in mixed drinks. 


The yellow chile canario is like a “cousin” to the habanero, giving it a hotter sensation in the mouth and fruitier taste. It is great on crackers or toast, poured over cheese, used in sauté dishes with fowl, pork or in fish glazes or marinades.



About the Chef:

Susana Trilling is a chef, teacher, caterer, author, TV hostess, food consultant and directora of Seasons of My Heart Cooking School and Sazon de Mi Corazon S.A. de C.V., producing gourmet Mexican products. She owned 2 NYC restaurants, a restaurant in Fremantle, Western Australia and has lived in Oaxaca since 1988, where her two sons were born and raised on her ranch outside of the city.

"Although I have explored many different types of cooking in my thirty years of being a chef, the Cocina Mexicana is most certainly the closest to my heart."


 A renowned authority on Oaxacan cuisine, Susana has filmed and hosted numerous TV programs in addition to her own series including: Two Hot Tamales, Mexico – One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless A Cooks Tour with Chef Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern ‘s Bizarre Foods, The Diary of a Foodie, and Jeff Corwin’s series Extreme Cuisine.

"Oaxacans are proud of their food, and rightly so, for its flavor can be subtle or very intense, but always pure Oaxaqueño. Worldwide fascination with the culinary delights of Mexican cuisine has continued to grow, and as a result Oaxaca has earned recognition as a very special place with a unique cooking style. This is why I love to be here, teaching and cooking real Mexican food."

Susana Trilling, Chef/Owner at Seasons of My Heart