Fresh Live Oysters From the Northeast
Fresh Live Oysters From the Northeast
Fresh Live Oysters From the Northeast
Fresh Live Oysters From the Northeast

Fresh Live Oysters From the Northeast

Buxton's - Day Boat Fresh

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Live Oysters are day boat caught immediately before shipped (still alive) directly to your door. No fresher oyster available - from the cleanest and coldest fishery.

Stonington, Maine, home of Buxton Day Boat Fresh, is situated on Deer Isle Island and is the # 1 lobster port in the US.  Sue Buxton, whose husband is a licensed sea captain and a master wooden boat builder, started the company 4 years ago after 13 years of managing another similar company on the island, and is dedicated to sustainability in the fishing practices of her fishermen and the freshness and quality of her products. She explained that all her boats are day boats. “There are simply no trip boats here,” she said. “We are on a bridged island. Fishermen go out daily; I pick out the premium of what I need from whatever they’ve caught or harvested that day and ship it out ” This has made her operation very popular with chefs around the country.


Like wine, oysters adopt subtle flavor differences depending on the location that they are grown in. Oyster connoisseurs like to refer to this as “merrior”. Some of the varieties shipped, with the fisherman's choice for what to deliver each day based on best quality at the time (special requests can be delivered depending on availability), in a 100 count bag, include:

Little Island Oysters - Grown in the Bagaduce River

Long Cove Oysters. Like a gulp of the ocean - great bine

Nautilus Island Oysters  - Grown in the Bagaduce estuary where the salt water meets the fresh with a reversing fall entrance thrusting fresh nutrients and oxygen into the cove with each tide

Blue Hill Bay Oysters - started in Salt Pond and then moved to pristine Blue Hill bay to fill out.

Taunton Bay Oysters - Nice salty brine

Farmer Dan's Oysters - the original farmer in the area. Meticulously cared for. Day Boat Fresh has exclusive.


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Kyle Mendenhall

Chef Kyle Mendenhall