Sunchokes Succulent Tuber with Hints of Artichoke - Fresh Crop!

Sunchokes Succulent Tuber with Hints of Artichoke - Fresh Crop!

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Sunchokes, the vegetable formerly known as "Jerusalem artichokes," are the tuberous roots of a native North American plant in the sunflower family — neither from Jerusalem nor related to artichokes — originally cultivated by Native Americans. The Oxford Companion to Food says that the plant was noted in writing as early as 1603, when Samuel de Champlain (the same guy Lake Champlain is named after) described the root as tasting “like an artichoke,” ostensibly starting the naming confusion that has plagued the vegetable since its European debut. Although sunchokes are native to the US, they are not commonly cultivated here for food; the vegetable enjoys much more popularity in France and other European countries. Like our salsify product, To-Table likes to do its part to add diversity of fresh foods to our customers diets. They can be sliced and eaten raw in a salad or roasted like potatoes, sauteed or made into a delicious gratin. The French are famous for a creamy sunchoke soup, but the tuber is also good simply pureed (peel first) and mixed with cream and butter, like mashed potatoes.


Daniel Asher, head chef at Root Down & Linger

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