Three  Reasons to Share In The Ace ♥ To-Table Holiday

  • Make Ace Scholars and their familys' holidays brighter with a memorable holiday meal
  • Add to Ace Scholarships with the 15%-25% of your purchase sent to the scholarship fund
  • Enjoy the Real Holiday spirit that giving and sharing with people deserving your help brings

Share a fabulous To-Table holiday meal main feature with a deserving family 

Here is how you participate:

  • Purchase  one of the "Share the Spirit" main feature gifts below and To-Table will automatically send 15% of the purchase price to Ace Scholarships and the main holiday meal feature to an Ace Scholarship family.
  • Purchase $150 of additional items for your own holiday use and To-Table will donate 25% of the purchase price of your "Share the Spirit" main feature gift to Ace Scholarships. Choose  your own main feature for your holiday meal, shop our selection of holiday gifts or browse our collection of Christmas holiday season selections.
  • Use Code "AceToTableHoliday" at checkout so we know you are sharing the spirit this holiday season!

With an ACE scholarship,  it’s a whole new story.

Kids from low-income families are given financial assistance and access to schools that are a better fit for them. And as things like safety, support and academic rigor improve, so does success. In fact, over 90% of ACE Scholars graduate from high school each year. And they’re enrolling in and graduating from college at rates similar to kids from predominantly high-income high schools.

Share the Spirit

Holiday Meal Main Feature Gifts

Holiday hams

Berkshire Spiral Cut Ham & many other varieties

 the Rib Roast

Small ranch raised - huge flavor & tenderness

The turkey

Heritage Turkey - No more industrial birds

the lamb

Colorado Raised - the very best kind for the holidays

pork Roasts

Colorado pasture-raised Berkshire pork. None better

The goose

Fresh and Tender Christmas Goose - a  tradition

Thank You & Happy Holidays

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