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Heritage Turkey
Heritage Turkey Heritage Turkey Heritage Turkey

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 Reprinted from: Heritage Turkey Foundation 

Heritage Turkeys from BN Ranch

Bill Niman started BN Ranch in Marin County, Calif., with his wife, Nicolette, to return to his passion of ranching and to prove that raising grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free beef can be a sustainable business model. To complement the cattle operation, the Nimans also raise heritage turkeys. "Our breeding flock can fly, make love naturally and do basic things that modern chickens and turkeys are not capable of doing, and we feel good about that," he said. BN Ranch's heritage turkeys are a blended breed of the Narragansett, Spanish Black and Standard bronze breeds. These are flavorful birds fed no antibiotics, non-GMO feed and range freely and roost naturally.
You have likely heard of Bill before. Prior to leaving to start BN Ranch, Niman spent more than three decades building Niman Ranch into one of the most beloved natural meat suppliers in the nation from just 200 acres of land and six calves. Dozens of high-end chefs, including Jean-Georges and Alfred Portale, as well as the popular burrito chain Chipotle, post the Niman Ranch name on their menus like a badge of honor.

Order in sizes:

Small Bird - 10 to 13.9 Pounds

Medium Bird - 14 to 17.9 Pounds

Large Bird - 18-21.9 Pounds

Extra Large Bird - 22 to 26 Pounds

 Birds are expected to ship December 20th for delivery on the 22nd of December

Bill Niman, Founder of BN Ranch