Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving Heritage Turkeys for Thanksgiving
$ 110.00

Purchase now (before October 24th) for biggest savings.

Or, reserve for $40 and pay the rest on November 7th (only $5.00 more). 

See details below for sizes and pricing.


Why should you buy a heritage turkey from these farms? 

- The oldest genetic line of Heritage Turkey in America.

- The Flavor profile of Heritage turkeys, compared to industrial turkeys, is a deep, rich dark turkey taste with an aroma that will fill your house.

- Heritage turkeys are universally acclaimed to be the tastiest birds on the market today.

Frank Reece, the founder & owner of the producer of these great heritage birds explains:

"Raising these animals is my labor of love. When I was eleven I entered my Jersey Black Giant Chickens and won at our county fair and I got to take them to the Kansas State Fair. At the fair, I saw my first Standard Bronze, Black Spanish, Royal Palm, Narragansett, White Holland and Bourbon Red Turkeys. I also met “Norman Kardosh, the “Turkey Man” of the poultry world, who became a good friend and teacher. He shared his vast knowledge with me and I realized I wanted to start my own flock. I bought my first trio of birds from Norman in the 50’s and have maintained and improved the flock for over the years. These are the oldest continuous strains of standard-bred heritage birds in North America. My birds breed on their own, lay well, and are good mothers. As I grow older my main concern is what is going to happen to these beautiful and magnificent heritage birds."

Sizes & Pricing:

  • Small Bird - 8 to 12 Pounds ($110)
    • Reserved = $40 + $75 * 
  • Medium Bird - 12 to 16 Pounds ($150)
    • Reserved = $40 + $125 *
  • Large Bird - 16 to 20 Pounds ($190)
    • Reserved = $40 + 155 * 
  • Extra Large Bird - 20 to 24 Pounds ($230)
    • Reserved = $40 + $195

 * Remaining payment will be collected on Nov. 7th

 ~~~ Birds are expected to ship November 14th for delivery on the 16th of November ~~~


Frank Reese, Founder of Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch