Gifts for the Foodie's Pantry

How to make a Foodie really excited? More Gourmet Goodies for the Pantry

Fresh Truffles

There is probably no other gift to a gourmand that means as much as fresh truffles. Sold by the ounce, we have imported white and  black winter truffles and domestic Oregon truffles 

Hand Made Cheese Biscuits

Deliciously addictive moderately spicy cheddar cheese crisps.  They are made by hand -  No preservatives or additives. They don't need it! 

Fresh Wild Mushroom Basket

Fresh foraged mushrooms ready for mushroom gravy, holiday omelets, Steak Diane, green bean casseroles and limitless other holiday menus that will make the perfect gourmet gift.

Benne Wafers -A Carolina Sweet

These tasty treats are a southern specialty - sesame and sweet. Great for deserts with ice cream and sorbet and also with fruits and berries. 

Gourmet Dried Wild Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are often listed as an essential pantry item by many accomplished cooks . The foodie on your list will be thrilled!

Southern treats for the pantry

Susana Trilling, world renowned chef, now lives in and produces gourmet items at her cooking school in Oaxaca. Her chili jellies are perfection.