Peaches and Tomatoes That Are Ripe When Picked and Shipped to You!

Sweet, juicy but firm, plump, and meaty peaches and heirloom tomatoes. 

Your grocery store is forced to harvest before fruits are ripe. Shipped directly to your door, these fruits are available by subscription allowing our farmers to reserve for you from their orchards and gardens! 

 Customer's comments :

"I have rarely had so much fun in the kitchen making so many different dishes with these incredible tomatoes"

- Robin from Denver

"The vivid colors of the heirloom tomatoes are almost as impressive as the taste."

-Heather from Littleton

Featuring 2 of Colorado's Finest Producers


Miller Orchards in the Grand Valley produces some of the  most coveted peaches from Colorado's famed Grand Valley and Palisade region. This is our first year featuring the orchard's peaches. The farmers at UpDig, which specializes in urban farming, produce the majority of their heirloom tomatoes, grown from seeds that are 7 generations old, for Denver's best restaurants. Both these operations are not big, but the commitment to quality and their concern for the environment are out-sized.


Direct home delivery from the Orchard or Garden is a key to the fresh, ripe flavor and texture. Shipping is Included!


The heirloom tomatoes are soil-grown and the Peaches from Colorado's famed Grand Valley. We guarantee the quality.


Our Farmers have limited quantities available for home delivery. First come, first served basis.

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