To-Table: the source for hard-to-find premium and high quality fresh foods 

Award Winning Chefs help us select the best from artisans who produce in a safe, sustainable and non-industrial manner 

Superior foods from trusted sources delivered  straight  to your table

Alex Seidel (Fruition and Mercantile), a James Beard finalist for best chef Southwest, encourages home cooks to employ the best ingredients, measured in part by quality, sustainability, and variety, to best enjoy the art , the result and the environmental benefits. Other Chefs working with To-Table include Daniel Asher (The River and Wood), Hugo Matheson (The Kitchen), Frank Bonanno (Mizuna, Bones, Osteria Marco, French 75 and more), Paul Reilly (Beast +Bottle and Coperta), Kyle Mendenhall (Arcana) and several others.

We Deliver the Sourcing, You Deliver the Feast

"You need to check this out. It is an amazing website. I have been selectively shopping here for excellent food for more than two years."

— Steve from Philadelphia

It was the best we’ve ever eaten!   Delicious!!! The food was the bomb and everyone loved it!

Don - Nantucket

A quick note to let you know we LOVED our rib roast, from To Table, for our Christmas dinner.

Kirk - Sun Valley

Thank you. We have all been so happy with my past orders with To-Table.

Kathy- Las Vegas

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American Culinary History

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How to Enjoy Your Own Party - Tips From Millennials

Millennials generally get a bad rap about many behaviors at work and play, but I think we all can learn some good tips that are emerging from how the time-pressed, frugal millennial prefer to entertain. Several years ago, Millennials were less likely to eat at home either for entertaining or day to day meals. Now, the...

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The Dinner Party: Rebuilding our Declining Social Connections

"...a broad decline in civic engagement and social participation in the United States over the past 35 years. Citizens vote less, go to church less, discuss government with the neighbors less, are members of fewer voluntary organizations, have fewer dinner parties, and generally get together less for civic and social purposes. At the societal level, social disengagement is associated with more corrupt, and less efficient government and more crime."

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