From Sea to Shining Sea.

To-Table celebrates the vast bounty of the American Culinary Tradition

Find culinary inspiration and special offers below as we commemorate American food traditions on our Nation's birthday! 

An Abundance of Game


Elk Bone In Rib Eye Steaks 3/4", 4-5 ea., 6-8 oz ea.

$84.00 w/ Free Shipping


Buffalo Hanging Tender Steak - 2ea., 16 oz Ea.

$79.95 w/ Free Shipping

Duck Breast

Boneless Duck Breast           4 ea. , 12-15 oz ea.

$74.95 w/ Free Shipping

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America's Bounty From the Sea

Atlantic Swordfish

Free Shipping

Live Maine Lobster

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Steamer Clams

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Foods From the American Tradition

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The Colonies major export in 1770s Carolina Gold Aromatic Rice. Fast cooking and flavorful

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Grass Fed Beef from Upstate New York. Raised and finished only on lush pasture grass

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Foraged from the marshes, Sea Beans are a crunchy and briny delight highlighting our wild foods

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Aged all natural Porterhouse Steak. Thick for grilling - an all American cut.

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Edward's Smokehouse Country Ham. Cured , smoked and aged. Not too salty with incredible flavor

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A classic American combination - Shrimp and Grits. Find recipe and key ingredients.

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