Expanding our Palettes and Minds - Beyond Apple Pie - Food Matters July 2015

American's Narrow Seafood Tastes:

Just as the hog produces more that the chop and the steer more than rib eye, the sea provides much more variety than Tuna, Salmon and Shrimp. But America's passion for blander varieties like shrimp forces the importation of 90% of the seafood consumed in the US. In the meantime, some of our best and most flavorful domestic fish and shellfish are sent overseas or ignored. Eating the ugly Geoduck, Mackerel and other "trash fish" delivers more taste and better supports US fishermen.

Article: There's a Price to Pay for Not Eating America's Ugly Seafood; Clare Leshin-Hoar, takepart, June 29, 2015

Is Cheese more Complicated than Wine?:

With only four ingredients, (milk, cultures rennet and salt); every one of the 900 known cheeses are produced. And the taste of one producer's edam  is different than another's. Add the terrior and the season and... well no wonder there is an arcane word for connoisseurs of cheese (turophiles). This article gives a brief view of what floats turophiles' boats.

Article: The key fact Americans are finally starting to understand about cheese, Kirsten Hartke, The Washington Post, June 30 2015

To GMO or not to GMO, Does anyone really know?:  

Bill Nye recently reversed couse on genetically Modified organisms. Many worry about the health, safety and environmental issues while Europeans are concerned about monopolies and the effects on small farms. After his visit to Monsanto, the "Science Guy" agreed with the New York Times article attached that only GMO improvements will enable us to feed the expected 2-5 Billion people added to the Globe in the next few decades. Food for thought in these 2 articles.


GMO Dilemma: swaying a Wary Public, Conrad De Aenille, The New York Times, June 24 2015

What Bill Nye Got Wrong in his About-Face on GMOs, Doug Gurlan Sherman and Margaret Mellon, Civil Eats, June 3 2015:

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