Amazing Meals -The Lodges Larder (Currently Montana Only)

Extraordinary Gourmet Meals for Montana Lovers on the Go.

All designed by an award winning chef and prepared in Livingston by a chef and crew who know how to add the "love" to a meal. See menus and order on Line below.

Gourmet to Go Breakfasts

  • Take and go offerings
  • Delivered when ordered with Sport Lunches or Moveable Feasts

Sport Lunches - turning the meal into an event

  • Ruggedly vacuum packaged - Sturdy, Fresh and Waterproof
  • Delivered to you

Just the Sandwich (and some fruit), Soups and/or Salads

  • Lodges' Larder Quality in a single sandwich and amazing soups and salads

Moveable Feast Evening Meals

  • Easy to prepare - just heat
  • Delivered to you

Aviation Meals - Perfect for In Flight Dining

  • Ready to serve

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