About Us

 We deliver the sourcing. You deliver the feast.

A new culinary buyers club delivering responsibly sourced products.

To-Table is the new destination for in-home chefs and passionate home cooks frustrated by the time-consuming and often impossible job of sourcing the very best ingredients. Offering direct availability of pristine products to consumers throughout the country, To-Table puts sought-after and difficult to find foods - produced by the best farms, fisheries, ranches and artisans and vetted by professional chefs for quality and sustainability - right in the hands of its members.

About To-Table

To-Table is for cooks and chefs throughout the country who want to be part of the growing food revolution towards farmers’ markets, CSA’s, and artisanally produced specialty items - regardless of where they live. Shipped direct from producer, To-Table’s farm-to-kitchen model eliminates the cycle that favors large producers who promote a narrow, bland, and less-than-fresh food supply.

TO-TABLE is a values-driven Benefits Corporation that’s all about:

  • choice & accessibility - the best products now available at nearly wholesale prices to buyers throughout the U.S. without geographic limitation
  • relationships & sustainability - we work with responsible and sustainably-focused vendors who produce pristine products with minimal environmental impact
  • extensive and diverse offerings - superior and difficult to find products including fresh produce, meats, fish, cheeses, eggs, baked goods and pantry items
  • chef-curated selections - our farmer, rancher, and fishery producers are referred and vetted by well-respected chefs removing the mystery about product quality
  • getting fresh products from the source to you - we ship direct from producer to you
  • flavor - we provide food with genuine and unadulterated taste resulting from careful farming technique, artisanal process and passionate care
  • diversity - our broad array of foods celebrate diverse farming practices and culinary artistry
  • environmental sustainability - we promote responsible farming and harvesting techniques and sensible animal husbandry
  • economic sustainability - our distribution channel better enables our producers to compete and thrive