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Would menu planning and ideas help? We would love to assist in any way.

Planning a meal or a party's menu can be intimidating, but once the plan is in place, we have found it it is less difficult than we worried about. We would like to help you get through the planning  more comfortably. Helping with identifying foods that are in season, best matching the food to the occasion, and picking the dishes that work well with the logistics. Let us help you as you plan the best menu and pick the best fitting recipes.

Please provide your contact information (or just call at 720-330-0441) below - we will get in touch with you asap. In the message section, give us some idea of the type of occasion , the general nature and initial menu thoughts, and any other ideas that will help us get a flavor for what you are planning.  Also sign up below for our Gourmet Gift Concierge Service.