Why Teach Kids to Cook? - Food Matters March 2016

In a country where over one third of adolescents are grossly overweight, is it possible that one of the reasons could be that they were never taught to cook? Several studies are concluding that teaching kids to cook may foster a life- long improvement in healthy eating. Children and teens that cook develop:

  • A willingness to try new foods
  • An increased consumption of fruits,vegetables and dietary fiber
  • Improved social skills by cooking and eating together as family and friends without the TV or smartphone

The short clip below quickly highlights, for your kids (grand?) and you, the benefits of cooking. Additional video on practical cooking skills are found here.

20 years of success coaching kids to cook

20 years ago, Lynn Fredericks began a journey that lead to the creation of FamilyCook Productions. Recently divorced, she decided to stop her two sons from fighting by having them help her cook new and interesting foods from around the world in their New York kitchen.

The three not only learned how easy it can be to cook interesting, fresh, and healthy foods, but realized it was positively impacting their lives through improved health, enhanced tolerance of other cultures, integration of other academic disciplines like math, and teamwork.

FamilyCook Productions is now a thriving non-profit with foundation and corporate grants (even NIH grants) with a full on-line curriculum and activities including Teen Battle Chef (mimicking top chef contests). 

See the New York TImes January 4, 2016 by Jane Brody on the success of the program

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