To-Table's 2018 Winter Games Medal Count Contest


  • Make the Winter Games even more exciting with a chance to win fabulous To-Table foods.
  • Submit your prediction of the medal count - if you are right or are the closest (for 2 interim medal counts and the final medal count), you will win!
  • 3 chances to win and a great reason to watch and cheer your favorite athletes and their countries.
  • Special awards for pictures of your Winter Game viewing parties.


1. For Interim Medal Count #1 (Medal count as of the end of day (in Korea) on February 15: Spring's Triple Crown. A pound each of Wild Morel Mushrooms, Wild Foraged Ramps and Wild Foraged FiddleHead Ferns (delivered in season - about 45 days from now)

2. For Interim Medal Count #2 (Medal count as of the end of day (in Korea) on February 20: Large Stone Crab Claws (with mallet and mustard sauce) for 2

3. For the Final Medal Count: A Clam Bake! 6 Live Hard Shell Maine Lobsters, 3 pounds of Live Clams, and 3 Pounds of Live Mussels 


  1. Special prizes for Photos of Winter Game viewing parties are surprises!


  1. Download the Entry Form Below
  2. The form gives you a schedule, day by day, of the events as well as the historical performance of countries in the medal counts in the past. Use this data to make your predictions. You can predict by day or by interim and final counts - your choice.
  3. After filling in predictions (and, importantly, your name and email address), email the form back to us at
  4. Submit pictures of your winter game viewing parties by email to: To-Table will select the winners. (hint: quality food, especially from To-Table, is a meaningful criteria in judging!)
  5. To-Table, in its sole discretion, will select the winners. 

>>> Download Contest Entry Here <<<


To-Table celebrates the international gathering of the finest athletes and the coming together for them and for all of us that it creates. Connecting, whether it be for athletic competition or for a meal with friends and family, is among the more important elements building understanding and cohesiveness in our lives.

Good Luck and Thanks for Playing


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