100% grass-fed bison meat has a distinctly natural flavor. It's slightly sweet, just the way nature intended. There is no bland fatty after taste which is often associated with grain-fed bison, a product that actually tastes a lot like most store bought beef.

Improve your diet with real, natural food that hasn’t been genetically altered or processed. Grass fed buffalo meat is recommended by health professionals because it has less fat than skinless chicken, dense in nutrients, and high in the Omega 3′s that our bodies need. This is the reason that companies like Weight Watchers recommend bison meat to their customers, and why body builders are hooked on it. Buffalo meat is easy to use, tastes great, and healthy! The American Heart Association gives it’s approval too, so enjoy buffalo meat as a regular part  of your diet.

Grass Fed Bison is naturally leaner than beef, so for steaks and burgers, try a slightly lower temperature and/or perhaps a bit less time than you would with beef. The important thing is to not drive the moisture out of the meat.  If using a marinade, use one with little to no salt, and instead salt the meat just prior to cooking or finish with salt prior to serving.  Also, use a tongs or spatula to turn your meat - never pierce with a fork.  We recommend medium rare, and be sure to let your meat rest on a warm plate to help keep the juices inside.  Remember that USDA guidelines for internal temperatures are the same for Bison as for beef.  

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