Coming Soon - Seasonal Sourcing Series from Chef Kyle Mendenhall


One of the reasons we love seasonal food is that it makes cooking, and eating, various foods a unique experience throughout the year. In honor of bringing you the most delectable choices from season to season, we at To-Table have commissioned Kyle Mendenhall, the former executive chef at The Kitchen in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, to create a series of seasonal packages highlighting foods he believes are the most interesting for that time of year.

A former musician, Kyle shifted his creativity to the culinary world because he discovered that being a chef and his passion for musical performance share common themes—artistic expression, passion, and performance. 

Our Seasonal Sourcing Series has five themes and menus that we will be sharing as they become available:

  1. Fire and Smoke. Combine the ultimate beef cut, the porterhouse with a salad of charred hickory greens and Cara Cara oranges and Lark shortbread cookies, the grown-up treat, for a straight up BBQ.
  2. Seafood Staycation. Enjoy natural bella sardine, peekytoe crab and seabeans from the comfort of your own home—a dinner party that feels like a seaside vacation. Finish the meal with Nathan Miller chocolates—one of the hottest chocolatiers in the country.
  3. Forage from Home. With the growing popularity of eating wild, foraged and in-season foods, this package of wild mushrooms, Maine diver scallops, and huckleberries is sourced from both U.S. coasts with special and unique items only available at select restaurants.
  4. Dog Fish and Dogfish Fry. To-Table brings a fun twist on the classic fish fry many across the Midwest love on Friday nights. Dogfish is a unique and underutilized fish that is a fantastic substitute for the traditional Cod. A special tartar sauce using BBQ salmon roe and delicious rye potato pancakes turn this into a real treat.
  5. Eat less Meat. To Kyle, its not about becoming a vegetarian, its about being healthy. In fact, the package features Wild Idea buffalo meat with its distinct sweetness (and one of the healthiest red meats to eat), simple organic radishes, and luxurious whipped lardo, micro watercress, broccoli rabe, and, the chef's secret, Calabrian chili and its oil to drizzle over the dish.

Look for the menus this fall to tantalize your next seasonally-inspired dinner party!


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