Menu Planning Advice from To-Table

A cocktail party

A seated intimate dinner of 6-10 with multiple courses

A chance to cook in a style or regional flair

A holiday party

A themed Party

Any gathering

All gatherings benefit from great food that sets the mood and captures the attention of your guests. And all good menus start with the ingredients.

Let To-Table help you craft your ideas into a menu that thrills your guests and creates memories that last.

Either by phone (720-330-0441) or e-mail ( let To-Table recommend inspired ideas for your menu.

  • Plan by budget
  • Create an intriguing theme or particular cooking style or region
  • Use a caterer or prepare yourself

We can ask the questions and provide varied ideas that will help you put together the gathering you hope for. This advice is provided free of charge. We want your event to be the best.


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