Curated Grilling Packages

Stock the Freezer for Summer!

To Table's grilling meat packages allow you to stock your freezer with the finest cuts from some of the best producers employing sustainable, healthy techniques that yield the tastiest grilling meats around. Starting at $7.90 a serving and a minimum of 24 servings in your freezer, we have curated grilling meat packages that ensure you will have the finest in the freezer when you need it for either a big gathering or a small intimate meal. Don't fear the emergency trip(s) to the butcher!

Our team has put together 6 different Value-Packed Bundles with various high-quality grilling meats (click the product below to view even more details). Free shipping and a free gift with order!

  1. All Natural Aged Beef  - Traditional premium beef for the grill
  2. Chop and Brat Bonanza - Artisan Brats and Colorado's best lamb and Pork Chops
  3. Grasslands Bison - The healthiest and most tender bison
  4. Relish the Ruminant - Great elk and venison steaks for the grill
  5. Gourmet Griller - It can be the ingredients that make you a gourmet chef
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