Vine Ripe and Soil Grown Heirloom Tomatoes - Out of Season
Vine Ripe and Soil Grown Heirloom Tomatoes - Out of Season
Vine Ripe and Soil Grown Heirloom Tomatoes - Out of Season

Vine Ripe and Soil Grown Heirloom Tomatoes - Out of Season

Wilde Ideas/Updig

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The Finest Regeneratively - Farmed Heirloom Tomatoes from Urban Gardens 

Available only to Colorado Wyoming and New Mexico Customers

Why are these different? Answer:

  1. These heirloom tomatoes are vine-ripened - allowing the sugars and flavors to reach their peak which they never would if picked before they are ripe. Most tomatoes are picked early to facilitate shipping and storage and most flavors and sweetness are lost. (Note: Because they are vine ripened, we must sell only in a short shipping distance and time from the gardens in Denver, Colorado)
  2. Think terroir for wine when you consider soil based versus aqua and other methods of growing tomatoes. The soil, especially the rich soil of regenerative farming, imparts a flavor from the terroir that other methods cannot.
  3. 7 Generations of tomato plants. Heirloom lineage grown on the same plots for seven generations - since the early 20th century.

Now taking orders for the 2019 Season

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  • Shipped in new partitioned packaging to minimize bruising.


Heirloom Tomato Facts

Our source, Updig, is committed to the development of sustainable urban farms that deliver the premium quality from soil based and artisan-developed techniques.

Varieties: The urban farms produce 39 different heirloom varieties developed over many years in urban neighborhoods. The seeds from each plant is descended from plants grown on the same plots for 7 generations of tomatoes. The plants are hardy as they have adapted to the plot. 

Soil Based: The soil is routinely enriched with compost derived from the organic waste from area restaurants. No chemicals are used and pests are minimized by planting purple basil and other similar plants proven to deter pests.

Vine Ripened: These Tomatoes are ripened on the vine to within one to 3 days of optimal ripeness. Typical commercial operations ripen the fruits only to a week or more before readiness, to accommodate shipping and shelf life, further damaging the flavor profile, the texture, and the color.

As an Urban Garden, Quantities are Limited

First come, First Served 

As always at To-Table, if you would like or need more flexibility in shipping dates, quantities or anything else, please contact us at or (720)330-0441.