Grilling Package: Chop & Brats

Grilling Package: Chop & Brats

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26 lbs. (80 Brats-40 servings) & 7 lbs. Chops (14 servings) $7.90 per serving

The artisan crafted sausages of Smoking Goose and bison and elk sausages from Colorado are coupled with the very best pasture-raised enormous pork and  spring lamb chops - also from Colorado. The package includes (all sausages include at least 5% pork):

  • Colorado Pasture Raised Heritage Pork Chops 4 chops total 3.6 lbs! 

  • Colorado Porterhouse lamb loin chops 8 ea. 1.5" chops total 4 pounds

  • Elk Spicy Italian Sausage 12 ea. for 3 lbs.

  • Buffalo Sausage combo 24 ea. for 6 lbs. 

  • Smoked elk/cheese bratwurst 8 ea. at 2 lbs.

  • Lightly spiced smoked elk brats 8 ea. at 2 lbs.

  • Smoking Goose smoked fennel sausage 12 ea. for 2.6 lbs

  • Smoking Goose smoked chorizo sausage 8 ea. for 1.75 lbs.

  • Smoking Goose duck, pear, & port sausage 8 ea for 1.75 lbs


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      Alex Seidel, head chef at Fruition & Mercantile

      Chef Alex Siedel