To-Table's 20 day aged, all natural and hormone free Standing Rib Roast 

The Perfect Centerpiece for the Holiday Meal

The quality of the beef is pronounced

King Natural Beef is superior fed beef raised on family farms with the care and flavorful results that are inherent in well run family operations. Raised without hormones or steroids and fed a fully vegetarian diet devoid of any animal by-products. Graded at least choice but often prime - see testimonials below.

The aging makes the difference

Because we age the standing Rib Roast for 20 days, the meat is more tender in texture and more savory in taste.

Aged Rib Roasts scheduled for delivery on December 23-24th unless otherwise requested. Roasts are cut and tied to deliver bone in taste while roasting with the ease of carving without bones. Choose size and order below.

Pre-Order Required

this year, Our Source only guarantees availability of pre-ordered Standing Rib Roasts 

Customer Testimonials

 Really and truly spectacular, just like everything we have gotten from you. It was the best we’ve ever eaten! 

Lucy S, Lafayette, CO

YES that beef was outstanding, Not sure I have had better. Maybe the sandwiches I had after-day 2, 3 and 4 after- were the best!

Kirk R, Ketchum, ID

Two years ago I sent a holiday basket to a friend recovering from cancer surgery. She is still raving about the roast! A real treat.

Stephen S, Philadelphia, PA