Reserve A Heritage Turkey For Real American Tradition

Thanksgiving is a time for celebration, a holiday shared with friends and family, centered around a meal to praise our culture, lineage, and history. We believe your turkey should be part of that tradition, and therefore be raised in a conscious way to maximize taste and enjoyment. 

The extremely limited availability of Heritage Turkeys, raised to mature at their peak for Thanksgiving dinner, requires a forward commitment! Click here or the icon below to select size, and pre-order your turkey, then get FREE shipping on orders over $300, plus an additional 15% discount on all To-Table purchases through Thanksgiving.

Why Buy Heritage Turkeys?

  • The heritage turkey is a full-flavored bird, far more rich with real taste and texture than a conventional turkey, simply because:
    • They are allowed to mate naturally
    • They live in a natural, free-roaming environment where they eat grass and insects not allowed in constricted barns
    • They grow slowly and naturally, taking twice as long to mature as the modern broad-breasted turkey
  • The modern industrial turkey is genetically created for a large breast - a bland  product tasting of salt and water, and latent with antibiotics. See Why and How Heritage Turkey is Considered the Best by clicking here.

Heritage Turkey Pre-Order Program Details:

  • Go to the Heritage Turkey Pre-Order page
  • A $75.00 deposit, prior to September 15th, reserves a Heritage Turkey, in the size of your choice. We sold out last year and must have pre-orders this year to ensure delivery. A pre-order for the Heritage Turkey entitles you to:
      • a 15% discount on all purchases through Thanksgiving 2016
      • plus free shipping on orders over $300 through Thanksgiving 2016
      • All Heritage Turkeys come from BN Ranch in Marin County, CA, and will be delivered directly to you on November 18 (6 days prior to Thanksgiving).
      Available Sizes:
      • Small Bird - 10 to 13.9 Pounds
      • Medium Bird - 14 to 17.9 Pounds
      • Large Bird - 18-21.9 Pounds
      • Extra Large Bird - 22 to 26 Pounds

       Note: Pre-orders are available through September 15th, so order today!

       " I am so excited to have my Thanksgiving turkey already ordered! I cannot wait to finally taste real turkey flavor after all these years and Thanksgivings. And 15% off all other purchases? Wow!" - Ann R.