Wholesale Pricing & Professional Chef Provisioning

Welcome to To-Table's wholesale provisioning! We are your one-stop procurement partner for all your requirements specializing in sourcing hard-to-find, premium quality, and fancy foods. We focus on products that are direct from the farm, ranch, forager, fisherman or artisan processor and are produced and harvested in healthy and sustainable methods. 


Our Goals: 

  1. Help you more easily add unique, hard to source premium ingredients to your dishes and menus in a simplified process. 
  2. Provide turn-key, outsourced wholesale purchasing for all or part of your provisioning requirements - returning time to your schedule without loss of profit!


We not only integrate menu development and food costing with creating proposals and/or invoices but also allow you to time a single delivery for your event to your desired location. 

To-Table's wholesale food product catalog helps high-end caterers, in-home chefs, and other cooking professionals to enhance your menu and differentiate your service with hard to source, premium seafood, meats, poultry, wild game, foraged and seasonable vegetables, and artisanal cured meats and cheeses. 


Integrate 3 Key Functions In One Process

To-Table's online wholesale program and services allow you, the professional, to combine proposal creation, menu planning, and purchasing into one process. 

To-Table Wholesale Pricing and ProvisioningEasy Path to Purchase:

  • Develop menu ideas with the aid of a broad line of premium products to review and inspire

  • Unlisted ingredients sourced and priced immediately

  • The worksheet enables COGS development for proposal calculations

  • Finalized worksheet becomes purchase order



Interested in learning more about To-Table's Wholesale Pricing and Professional Chef Provisioning? Contact Charles today: 

cduke@to-table.com   ||   phone: 720-330-0441

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