Purebred Wagyu Flat Iron Steak
Purebred Wagyu Flat Iron Steak

Purebred Wagyu Flat Iron Steak

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A flat muscle off the shoulder blade, sometimes called a petite tender or a top blade steak, the flatiron steak has been around for a long time. It is a steak that’s super tender for something that lives so close to a joint, and which makes a gorgeous strip steak alternative when sliced thinly.

Wagyu Flatiron Steak

"Steak-Ready" Flat Iron means that the fascia membrane has been removed and the cut trimmed to be ready for the plate. The expected Wagyu flavor, tenderness and marbling show up well in the Flat Iron, and because of this, Wagyu Flat Iron is growing in popularity and can be found served at top restaurants across the country. Our "steak-ready" flat iron weighs approximately 1.5 pounds but can vary in size by as much as a half pound, due to the varying sizes of the muscle. Flat Iron Steaks are outstanding on the grill or skillet.  Each steak offers several servings.

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