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$ 90.00
Battle of the Burger - Meat - the Competition -  3 month (6 Delivery) Subscription - Shipping Included

Crown the favorite burger variety as you explore new foods 

A three month burger challenge (you will get a different burger variety every other week through the summer). Select the six you will try from 10 burger choices. Rate them and also join in the photo contests for prizes ranging in value from $25 to $275

Subscription Details

Cost: $90 billed as a monthly subscription, or $250 one-time up front charge (save $20!)

Frequency: Every other week for 3 months. We will prompt you by e-mail (just a quick reply back) before each delivery to make your burger variety choice. Deliveries will be on Thursdays.

Prizes: You will receive, via email, ballots to rate each burger variety. You will also receive emails to remind you to share photo's on social media (weekly winners will receive a $25 gift certificate) and all weekly contest participants will automatically be entered into a drawing for three prizes of main ingredients of your Thanksgiving and Holiday meals ($50 Value 3rd place: $225 second place value: and grand prize value of $275 Value)

Burger Variety Choices: See below a description of the 10 choices from which you will select your 6 deliveries. All deliveries are for 2 pounds of burger meat (except Naiman Prime grain fed beef that is 3 pounds).

Meat - the Competition - 10 All Star Contenders

  • Grass Fed Ground Beef - Painted Hill 100% Grass fed -  85/15 (lean to fat). Oregon's Painted Hills Ranch is Premium Grass fed with a balanced grass fed flavor not found in other operations.
  • Grain Fed Beef - Niman Prime - 80/20. 3 Pounds! Prime beef from all natural, "never ever" hormone and antibiotic operations. Sustainable and spectacular.
  • Wagyu 8 oz Beef Patties - Lone Mountain Wagyu - 80/20 - The only 100% purebred Wagyu cattle in the US. Not mixed, as others are, with Angus or other breeds. The quality shows.
  • Ground Lamb - 80/20 - The finest Colorado lamb that is raised for its meat not its wool.
  • Elk Burger Meat - 85/15 - Elk is one of the most popular wild meats. These elk are domestically raised, but are North American elk. Robust and lean.
  • Wild Boar Burger Meat - 8/15 - Humanely harvested and packed full of flavor. Sweet and lean.
  • Goat Burger Meat - 90/10 - The world's most consumed meat is now so popular in the U.S. that prices are under pressure. The most lean with a unique full flavor. There is a $5.00 premium for this selection.
  • Grass fed Ground Bison (Buffalo) - Wild Idea Buffalo - 85/15 - This is unlike other Bison you may have had. Raised in a ranching environment that supports the re-establishment of the American grasslands, the animals are field harvested for better texture and flavor - a step taken by no other major commercial operators. There is a $5.00 premium for this selection.
  • Duck Burger Meat (Mixed with Duck Bacon) - 80/20 - The producer raises a mixed breed duck that is a rich red meat with a very full and pleasing flavor. There is a $15.00 premium for this selection.
  • Ground Alpaca - 85/15 - Very sweet lean meat. There is a $15.00 premium for this selection.

All fresh, high quality meat must ship air freight

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for The Battle of the Burger Subscription

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