Live Clams from The Northeast
Live Clams from The Northeast

Live Clams from The Northeast

Buxton's - Day Boat Fresh

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Stonington, Maine, home of Buxton Day Boat Fresh, is situated on Deer Isle Island and is the # 1 lobster port in the US.  Sue Buxton, whose husband is a licensed sea captain and a master wooden boat builder, started the company 4 years ago after 13 years of managing another similar company on the island, and is dedicated to sustainability in the fishing practices of her fishermen and the freshness and quality of her products. She explained that all her boats are day boats. “There are simply no trip boats here,” she said. “We are on a bridged island. Fishermen go out daily; I pick out the premium of what I need from whatever they’ve caught that day and ship it out by Fed Ex to arrive by Priority overnight.” This has made her operation very popular with chefs around the country.

Soft Shell Steamer Clams. Sustainably harvested from out of the island flats by hand. Very labor intensive, and a huge success story in managing a fishery. Diggers must perform 10 hours of community service time annually, bettering the fishery, before purchasing a clam license. As with all of our fisheries, logs are kept of harvest amounts, reseeding is done, and there are rotational closures of areas to allow time for rejuvenation. Sold by the pound or as half gallon shucked. 


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Kyle Mendenhall

Chef Kyle Mendenhall