Pheasant Pheasant Pheasant
$ 42.00

The first thing we think of is Pheasant Under Glass - the icon of haute cuisine. Pheasant are harvested all over the globe, most places more than the US, and prepared in limitless numbers of dishes as a substitute for chicken. We particularly like the love affair between pheasant and fall/winter. Root vegetables and wild foraged mushrooms are a pheasant's great friends/lovers. The pheasant is one of the great birds to smoke.  And Pheasant under Glass is surprisingly easy for a dish that delivers such awesome flavor and smells.

Whole Birds: Vermont farm-raised pheasant breast meat is white while the legs and thighs are darker similar to turkey. Many producers now raise a white hybrid pheasant for meat, We feel that the Ring-necked pheasant is a superior choice offering a more traditional mild game flavor. Free ranged, all natural antibiotic free. Available in both hens and roosters

Boneless Breasts: Classic Pheasant Breast. 2 lobes per pack. The breast is deftly cut away from ribs retaining tenderloin and first wing joint. This breast cut is perfect for saute and an excellent grill item. This can be used in any chicken recipes, but it is the key ingredient for Pheasant under Glass.

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