Quail Eggs
Quail Eggs

Quail Eggs

Diamond H Ranch

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Chef Paul Reilly has tried many quail from different sources and has been unhappy with most. He recommends the Diamond H Ranch quail. These Bandera quail are raised on an all natural diet and processed on site at the ranch. 

Quail eggs are small and oval with a speckled and very fragile shell. Both in their appearance and taste enhancement, a small egg on tapas, pizza, or hard boiled for caviar or salads, these eggs bring out the real chef in us all. 5 quail eggs are required generally to achieve the volume of a chicken egg.

Our recipes blog has many ideas and instructions for preparing Quail, poppers and quail eggs



Paul C. Reilly, head chef at Beast + Bottle

Chef Paul c. ReillyBeast + Bottle