Shrimp - Gulf Coast's Finest Louisiana White Shrimp
Shrimp - Gulf Coast's Finest Louisiana White Shrimp Shrimp - Gulf Coast's Finest Louisiana White Shrimp Shrimp - Gulf Coast's Finest Louisiana White Shrimp Shrimp - Gulf Coast's Finest Louisiana White Shrimp
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Unlike most shrimp vessels, the F/V Anna Marie has a freezer onboard—giving its customers something that is as close to straight out of the water as possible. The improvement in taste, compared to the typical dockside freezing, is unprecedented. The shrimp taste like they were never frozen. The flash freezing also preserves the kaleidoscopic colors of the shrimp leaving you with over-the-top quality and tremendously good-looking shrimp when they’re thawed.

Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and the BP oil spill all took a devastating toll on family-run fisheries. The aftermath resulted in low-cost loans for local fishermen. Anna Marie Shrimp owner, Lance Nacio, used the opportunity to take a risk and invest in on-board freezers. The equipment, which freezes seafood almost instantly on large aluminum plates, had long been used in the big commercial fisheries in Alaska and Canada, but it had never been used in the shrimp industry. Other investments in the F/V Anna Marie included wider mesh nets and modified turtle excluder devices; meeting Anna Marie's commitment to environmentally responsible fishing methods.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reports that 80 percent of fisheries are depleted, overfished, or recovering from depletion. Furthermore, poor fish farming practices are polluting our oceans and altering the ecosystem. Anna Marie Shrimp is committed to not only sustainable fishing but also to remaining an industry leader in sustainable standards. They work alongside organizations like the Ocean Conservancy to reduce bycatch in an industry that traditionally catches four pounds of bycatch for every pound of shrimp. Nacio is a pioneer whose methods are being utilized as one model in wild shrimp certification. The certification program was proposed after the spill to provide means for Louisiana fishermen to ensure the quality of their catch and increase consumer confidence.

  • Since Anna Marie Shrimp are frozen without water, you can thaw them by running them under water for only as long as necessary to separate the individual shrimp.
  • No brine is used in the freeze process, which makes it a lot easier to peel your defrosted or cooked shrimp.
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Chef John Besh (15 Restaurants primarily in Louisiana) and Lance Nacio (owner of Anna Marie Shrimp)