Veal - All Natural, Free Range and "Never Ever" Hormones or Antibiotics
Veal - All Natural, Free Range and "Never Ever" Hormones or Antibiotics Veal - All Natural, Free Range and "Never Ever" Hormones or Antibiotics Veal - All Natural, Free Range and "Never Ever" Hormones or Antibiotics Veal - All Natural, Free Range and "Never Ever" Hormones or Antibiotics
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Tonali's Meats uses Strauss Family Farms to source its Veal. Strauss is the only company in the U.S. to raise 100% of its veal calves in non-tethered, humane environments, delivering delicious, ethically raised, family-farmed veal. 

For the last sixty years, the popular myth was the whiter the veal, the more mild and tender it was. Today we know it doesn’t have to be white to be right. The color of veal is determined by the amount of iron the calf receives from its diet and its level of confinement. Strauss veal is pinker, and here’s why: its calves are never tethered and raised on a diet containing more iron, which is essential for developing a healthy immune system. Freedom of movement promotes good health and reduces stress, which helps to ensures tenderness. It’s good for the calves and good for you.

We currently offer 3 distinctive Veal cuts. Tonali's Meats whose been a premier provider to restaurants for 55 years.

  1. 6 Rib Hotel Rack - Chop Ready. "Chop-ready" means that the rack is ready to cut into six chops with no waste. Racks can be roasted whole. Simply rub with olive oil, kosher salt and coarse pepper, and roast to desired internal temperature. Once finished, treat like prime rib: Let rest for 8-10 minutes so the meat holds its juices. Then, carve. Either way, savory veal taste is abundant.
  2. Sweatbreads.Sweetbreads "Ris de Veaux" are the thymus gland. It's a bit unclear where the name came from, but the rumor is that some think that the flavor of sweetbreads is more sweet than savory. Sweetbreads don't have the musty flavors that other types of offal often have, probably because they are soaked and blanched first. The texture is extremely smooth, tender and moist, and the flavor is quite mild and creamy. The outside crisps up easily, and they play nicely with both rich and more acidic sauces. Soaking is the first step in the preparation of sweetbreads to remove some of the impurities. Soak them in just cold water, milk, or even buttermilk. After the soaking, sweetbreads are blanched in boiling water and then shocked in ice water to firm up the flesh. This doesn't usually cook them through, but it does make it easier to remove any remaining tough membranes on the outside. Once blanched, classic technique calls for them to be chilled and pressed into a uniform thickness, but it's not a necessary step. Finally, sweetbreads can be grilled, braised, breaded and seared, or fried. They cook quickly and actually are quite forgiving since they can't really be overcooked. To counteract the richness of the meat, many recipes serve the sweetbreads with an acidic sauce like lemons and capers.
  3. Foreshanks are easy to braise and the flavor is extraordinary. Think Osso Bucco or many other variations.

I you would like other cuts or different sizes, please send us an e-mail or call and we can help get you what you would like.

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