Wild Boar
Wild Boar Wild Boar Wild Boar Wild Boar Wild Boar
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Eat like our primal ancestors with this truly wild boar. Great for paleo or primal diets, wild boar meat is similar to pork, only darker, redder and more intensely flavored. Wild boar meat is also lean, as most game meat is, and lends a unique flavor to your favorite recipes.

Wild Boar Nutrition

Being wild they are entirely free-range, with no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.
Their eclectic diet includes wild nuts, fruits, roots, and tubers. This leads to a product that is lean and has an exceptionally rich, nutty flavorful. Additionally, it gives a completely different taste than commercially                                                                     

Cooking Wild Boar

Just like domestic pork, wild boar meat can carry the Trichinosis larvae. Cooking the meat to an internal temperature of 160 to 170 degrees F will insure your safety as well as provide the most pleasant texture for your meat. Serving a sauce alongside your wild boar meat can be a nice addition of flavor and moisture. The sauce can be as simple as some brown gravy, or as complicated as you wish. Wine, orange juice, or a prepared and store bought mix will all make an excellent base for your sauce. Whisking in shallots, mustard, ginger or other flavors that appeal to you are all that is necessary to complete your meal.

Rich Forrest - Owner of Grande Premium Meats


 Del Norte - Colorado