Iberico Ham - Jamon Iberico
Iberico Ham - Jamon Iberico
Iberico Ham - Jamon Iberico
Iberico Ham - Jamon Iberico
Iberico Ham - Jamon Iberico

Iberico Ham - Jamon Iberico

Iberico Club

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If you love hams, then you likely know that Jamon Iberico is simply the step up to the best artisanal ham produced.And you’ll be surprised to know that acorn-fed Iberian ham is actually very good for your health. Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is a low-calorie, vitamin-rich food that contains 50% more protein than fresh meat. Buy slices or the whole ham or a sampler that is the perfect gift.

Iberico Club:

The Ibérico pig, Pata Negra or black hoofed pigs which are slightly larger than other pigs, is bred in the beautiful Andalusia region of Spain. Acorn-fed on the delicious acorns that fall in the dehesa forest, this is an artisanal product unlike any other. Its meat has a complex flavor, with sweet and salty notes, a silky mouth-feel and an aroma of the acorns the pigs enjoy. Ibérico Club raises 100% purebred, free-range Ibérico pigs. 


Jamon Iberico: Ham from acorn fed black-footed pigs of Spain. The finest Pata Negra in the USA. Hand carved slice by slice, vacuum sealed and imported by air to maintain freshness.
Iberico Lover Starter Kit: The perfect bundle of high end artisan Ibérico products carefully selected for you. The ultimate gourmet bundle for real Ibérico lovers. It’s also a perfect gift. It includes:
  • 1 packages of 2.5 oz of the finest “Pata Negra” hand carved
  • 1 Artisanal Salchichón Ibérico de Bellota (1.2lb)
  • 1 Artisanal Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota (1.2lb)
  • 1 Bag of Hand Made Picos Camperos in a wood fired oven (7oz)


  • Rigorously selected, at its peak, by Iberico Club's Maestro Jamonero in Córdoba
  • Directly imported from Spain to your table
  • Imported by air in small batches to maintain freshness
  • 100% Ibérico breed “Pata Negra” (Certified)
  • Acorn fed — “De Bellota”
  • Cured for 26 months using traditional methods
  • Free range
  • Hormone & antibiotic free
  • 100% natural — no GMOs
  • Artisanal & traceable
  • FDA & USDA approved



Hugo Matheson, head chef at The Kitchen

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