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The selection of mushrooms will change throughout the year. Morels are coming soon! But the recipes that call for dried wild mushrooms, different kinds of mushrooms that currently available, or even domestic mushrooms generally can benefit immeasurably from these hand foraged wild mushrooms. While there are 6 pounds of mushrooms in a to-table order, they keep well in the refrigerator (within reason) and can be used in many different recipes with different taste and result based on the other ingredients.

Using the mushrooms and fresh pasta is a great start. Add some fresh truffle and it will bring on an involuntary shudder from the exquisite taste.

We also made a polenta with sauteed  wild mushrooms. Based on the enthusiastic response, we'd say try it!

WIld Mushroom recipes

It is also important to note that many recipes which call for any mushroom may be a candidate for enhancement by a wild mushroom. Lets us know what recipes you have the most success with.

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