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Kyle Mendenhall - Seasonal Sourcing 

Kyle Mendenhall spent nearly a decade helming the burners at the Kitchen, expanding the restaurant's farm-to-table mission from one dining room in Boulder to cities across the country. "And then that came to an end," he says, which sent the chef into a spiral of self-reflection. He decided to home in on what was important to him, then look for an opportunity that would allow him to check those boxes. He was in the midst of pulling together his own restaurant concept when the team at Arcana came knocking, and they eventually wooed him into accepting the executive-chef position there. 
 Kyle Mendenhall and To-Table have both organized their approach to food around heritage, seasonality, regionality, relationships, and preservation. This winning combination has brought us together, and pushed us to a new levels of creativity. Below you will find three distinct food packages that Chef Kyle has put together using To-Table's extensive assortment of veritable, fresh ingredients.

1) Seafood "Staycation" Package

Enjoy some of the worlds best seafood from the comfort of your own home. Throw a dinner party that feels like a vacation and treat yourself! This package gives you full permission to kick back on the couch, throw on a movie, and indulge. Featuring MSC certified Bella Sardines, the finest Maine Peekytoe crab (hand picked daily), and special chocolates from Nathan Miller at Nathan Miller Chocolates. Nathan is one of the hottest chocolatiers in the country - hand crafting fair-trade, single origin chocolates. Looking for a twist? This package also offers a look at something new - seabeans! Seabeans are a warm season treat that look similar to a green bean; when you bite into one you are greeted with a wonderful, salty-ocean burst of flavor. They are great in salads.
This Package Includes:


2) Eat Less Meat Package

It’s not about becoming a vegetarian, it’s about being healthy and eating meat in moderation. This specially sourced package is an easy mid week meal you can prepare quickly on the go and not need a nap after. Highlights are the simple pleasures of a good organic radish and luxurious whipped lardo from Smoking Goose, a twist on a classic summer snack in Europe. Wild Idea Buffalo meat has a distinct sweetness and is one of the healthiest red meats to eat. Serving the buffalo as a carpaccio or tartar really lets the true flavor stand out. The comforts of warm soft polenta from Food for the Southern Soul and spicy broccoli rabe will leave you not even questioning “where’s the beef?”. A popular chef secret is to use a little chopped Calabrian chili with it’s oil to drizzle over a dish to give it that extra special something and a bit of a kick!

This Package Includes:


3) Fire and Smoke Package

Who doesn’t love a summertime BBQ?! With incredible aged, all-natural beef from Colorado’s Tonalis. Their small crew are devoted to bringing you only the highest quality beef. Enjoy the ultimate beef cut, the Porterhouse. Marinate the steaks with Black Jack BBQ Rub from Food for the Southern Soul. While your grill is fired up you can char some of assorted hearty chicory greens to make an incredible salad with Cara Cara oranges from Rancho Del Sol. Top the whole quintessential outdoor meal with my favorite cookies from Lark Fine Foods. They’re a grown-up’s treat!

 This Package Includes:


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